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How to Create Assignments in the Online Practice

  • Log in to using your teacher credentials
  • From the Courses tab, select the course where you want to create the assignment. Hover over the course and click on the arrow on the right side of the course.

  • Within the course, select the Assignments tab on the left side.

  • Click on the button.


  • Then, specify the assignment’s: 
    • Name 
    • Start date 
    • Due date (optional) 
    • Number of attempts: this menu allows a user to define whether students can retake activities or if they only have one attempt, by clicking or not the checkbox: 
    • Notes: include some notes for your students as an option 
    • Students: select the students who should complete the assignment. You can select them all at once by marking the checkbox All, or individually. 
    • Unit: select the unit from the dropdown. 
    • Lessons and activities: click on the lesson slider to disable lessons you don’t want to include in the assignment. Click on activities and games to disable them as well. To enable these lessons and activities again, click on either the lesson slider or the activity/game to add it back into the assignment. 

  •  Finally, click on Create to generate the new assignment.