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How to manage my courses

To manage your courses you first need to Sign in with your teacher credentials.

Within the Courses section, you will be able to manage your courses.  

In the main view you will find a list of all the courses you are teaching. For each course you will see the following information at a glance: 

  • Course: above the course name you will find the course key your students will need to register for the course. 
  • Enrollment: number of students enrolled 
  • Start Date 
  • Due Date 

Hover over the course and the course area will be highlighted in yellow. 

Within the highlighted section are several options. You can: 

  • Click on the star icon  to make a course a favorite or starred course. The star will turn yellow to indicate it has been selected. Doing so causes the selected course to always be displayed on the main dashboard. 
  • Click on the course key on top of the course name to copy it and easily share it with your students.
  • Click on the student self-registration guide icon to customize (optional) and download instructions to help your students to self-register.
  • Click on the delete icon to remove a course.
  • Click on the pencil icon to edit the course.
  • Click on the export icon to download a report of the grades of all students in a course.
  • Click on the messages icon   to send a message to all students enrolled in a course. 
  • Click on the arrow icon  to view the course’s details.

From the Dashboard section you can create new courses by clicking on Create Course + button  in the top-right side of the screen.

From this view you can also identify at a glance the course Mode by hovering over any course tile. Depending on the Mode, the course can show all content available to students or only content that has been assigned by the teacher.