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How to manage and track students’ progress

  • Sign in to using your teacher credentials.
  • Access the desired course through the Dashboard tab or through the Courses tab.
  • To track your students’ progress, click the Students tab on the left side.



  • In the Students section, you will be able to see a list of: 
    • Students: all students registered in the course.  
    • Assignments Completed: the percentage of assignment completed. 
    • Total Learning Time: the total time spent completing assignments. 
    • Last Login: the last time the student signed into the online practice.  

 To view the activity scores of a specific student, hover over the student’s name and click on the arrow icon. 

In the activity details for a specific student, you will be able to see the: 

  • Activity name 
  • Date the activity was last modified 
  • Result as the percentage of activities completed correctly 
  • Number of attempts per activity 
  • Time spent per activity 

 See the students’ actual responses to a lesson by hovering on top of the lesson and clicking the eye icon.