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Using your Reflect CPT

CPT delivered on a USB - Installation Guide

Follow the steps below to install the Classroom Presentation Tool to your computer.

Online CPT

  • The Online Classroom Presentation Tool (CPT) is part of the National Geographic Learning Platform, where the Online Practice is located.
  • Teachers can get access to the Online Practice by signing in to Credentials will be provided by teachers’ school or institution.
  • Once signed in, click on the arrow icon that appears when you hover over the course you are looking for.


  • Within the course, click the Teacher Resources tab on the left hand side, and there you will find the CPT.

  • CPT will open in a separate tab.  To get back to the Online Practice home screen, simply click on the other tab.

How to use the CPT

See the CPT User Guide to learn how to use the Classroom Presentation Tool (CPT) and help you enrich your lessons with interactive Student’s Book and Workbook pages with embedded audio, video, and activities.