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How to manually grade speaking and writing activities

IMPORTANT: For manual grading to work, TEACHERS MUST ASSIGN the activities to students. In order for teachers to manually grade some of the speaking and writing activities within the platform, they will need to navigate to the Assignments section. Wi... Read More

How to get the most updated version of a CPT

When an update is available, a blue Update Available icon will appear next to the downloaded content: In order to install the new updated version of both a CPT or an eBook, first uninstall the version you currently use by clicking on the icon.  Th... Read More

Adobe Flash retirement and MyELT implications

Adobe Flash will be retired by the end of December 2020 and hence, the following MyELT courses will no longer be available after this date: ELTeach, First Edition Footprint Reading Library Grammar Café for Bachillerato IELTS Intensive Revision Guid... Read More

How do I delete my MyELT Instructor account?

If you would like to delete your Instructor account, please send an email to [email protected] and include the following: Your username or email address associated with your account. The full name of the institution you work at. When an... Read More

How do I access the Teacher Companion site for my book?

To access the Teacher Companion site you will need to use the credentials available in the inside front cover of your book. You can also contact your local sales representative who will be happy to provide you with instructions on how to access your materials.  Read More

How to create a students’ self-Registration guide

Click on the student self-registration guide icon available in: The Dashboard, within all course tiles: The Courses view, by hovering over the course you are interested in: Within the Settings section of a specific course:   A new window... Read More

How to only show assigned content in a course

To only show activities assigned to your students instead of all available content in an already existing course, you have to edit the course. You can do so from multiple locations, including:  Dashboard view Hover over the course card you want ... Read More

How to create, edit and delete courses

This page is deprecated. See Read More

How to export gradebook reports

Gradebook reports can be exported into downloadable .CSV files for offline access by teacher and institution administrator accounts. Teachers can export gradebook reports for: A Course – including all grades from all students in a single cours... Read More

How to track students’ progress

Sign in to using your teacher credentials. You can track the course progress in different ways: Assignments progress Course progress or Gradebook 1. ASSIGNMENTS PROGRESS To track the progress made on an assignment, click the As... Read More

How to send messages to students/parents

Check teacher Messages as well as News from the institution within the Messages section:   Manage all messages in your Inbox, including Sent ones.  You will be notified when new messages arrive, and you will be able to see the number of new... Read More

How to edit or delete assignments

Log in to using your teacher credentials Select the Assignments view: Hover on top of the assignment you want to edit or delete and the assignment will be marked in yellow. New options will appear:  Edit or update an already e... Read More

How to manage my courses

To manage your courses you first need to Sign in with your teacher credentials. Within the Courses section, you will be able to manage your courses.   In the main view you will find a list of all the courses you are teaching. For each course you w... Read More

How to access companion sites and teacher resources

Companion sites can be accessed through the product Catalogue at Click on Search Products if you know the title you are looking for or Browse the Catalogue. The Look companion site can be found here: Yo... Read More

How to access the online CPT

The Online Classroom Presentation Tool (CPT) is part of the National Geographic Learning Platform, where the Online Practice is located. Teachers can get access to the Online Practice by signing in to Credentials will be provided b... Read More

How to launch/preview Online Practice content as a teacher

Teacher access is granted through, where you will need to sign in using the credentials provided by your institution.  Click on Sign in and enter your username and password.  If you forget your password, click Sign in and then cl... Read More

How to Create Assignments in the Online Practice

Log in to using your teacher credentials From the Assignments tab, click on the button. In step 1, specify the assignment’s basic information:  Name  Start date  Due date (optional)  Notes: include some notes for your stu... Read More

Finding Additional Resources

To access the Teacher Companion site, you will need to contact your local sales representative, who can provide you with instructions on how to create an account. Read More

Understanding Course Reports

If you have enrolled students into a course, you can view detailed reports about course activity and your students which are outlined here. The Activity Statistics report shows the number of students who have taken a particular assignment in a cou... Read More

Understanding Your Instructor Gradebook

Go to and sign in with your instructor account. Click Gradebook. Make sure the title of the course that you want to view student progress for appears at the top of the page. If not, click the arrow to the right of the current ... Read More

Understanding Assignments

Instructors can use the Take this Assignment Offline option to disable an assignment without having to set available/due dates. This function will hide the assignment from the student’s view completely. On the assignments page, the Status column ... Read More

Understanding MyELT Courses You Teach

Go to Enter your username and password. Click Sign In. Click Courses. Click New Course. Enter your course information. Course Name: (Required) The name of the course as it will appear to students. Course Number: (Optional) ... Read More