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Adobe Flash End of Life

Adobe is no longer supporting Flash Player after 31 December 2020 and Adobe will block Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning 12 January 2021. Adobe Flash Player is a plug-in for multimedia and interactive content used in some legacy Na... Read More

How do I get help for the Collins Cobuild Dictionary?

We no longer handle the technical support for this product. You can contact Collins technical support with the contact information available here. Read More

What digital components does National Geographic Learning offer?

National Geographic Learning programs include digital components for teachers and students, ideal for online classrooms and blended learning environments.   Visit the Digital Components page or contact your local National Geographic Learning rep... Read More

Covid-19: I am using one of your programs and don’t have access to the Classroom Presentation Tool

If you have adopted one of our programs and don’t have access to the Classroom Presentation Tool (CPT), please contact your local sales representative, or contact support and let us know what you need. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Read More

I cannot install ExamView on Windows 10

This article covers updates to Examview software for several NGL titles to make it compatible with Windows 10 operating systems. Read More

Clicking the resource links on the companion site doesn’t open the resource

As a student or as an instructor, I click on a resource on the companion site and the resource does not open. In order to open or download the resource, follow the steps below which will differ depending on the Internet browser: Google Chrome and Fir... Read More

How to reset a forgotten password

On the home page of, click the Sign In button in the upper right corner. Click the Forgot password? link on the popup. Enter your email address, and click the Forgotten password request button.  You will receive an email with a l... Read More

Why is my CPT not working in Mac OS 10.15 Catalina or later? How can I fix it?

Classroom Presentation Tool might not be able to install on iOS Mac Catalina (10.15) or later due to Apple’s third party developer block. In these Mac operating systems, when an app fails to install because it hasn’t been notarized or is from an ... Read More

Why is Examview not working in Mac OS 10.15 Catalina and later OS?

Examview is a 32 bit application. Mac OS 10.15 Catalina and later OS don’t support 32 bit applications, including Examview. To continue to use Examview in Mac OS 10.15 or later OS,  simply download and set up TurningPoint desktop. Read More

I'm having trouble logging in to MyELT - My account is not active

You are trying to log in to MyELT and after introducing your credentials and clicking on Sign in, the following message appears: “Your account is not active”. The message informs you that your account has been deactivated since you have not acce... Read More

I can't find the ExamView 8.1 Application or Files after Installation

ExamView version 8.1 installers install into the following folders: PC: Program Files\eInstruction\[Book Title] MAC: Applications\eInstruction\[Book Title] If you have an earlier version of ExamView on your computer and you install ExamView version... Read More

I can't sign in to ExamView using my Turning Technologies Account

Version 11 of ExamView requires users to register for a free Turning Technologies account before using the ExamView application. Some users may register their first name or last name with non-Latin characters such as Japanese, Chinese or Korean chara... Read More

Limitations of CPT on CD/DVD formats

The National Geographic Learning Classroom Presentation Tool (CPT) is delivered on  USB drive, a small external hard drive sometimes referred to as flash drive. Before the availability of USB technology, CD/DVD was the standard delivery method. Som... Read More

Updating Assignment Due Dates on Multiple Assignments in MyELT

To update the dates on multiple assignments at once, select the assignments and click Modify Dates. This article will be updated when more information is available. Read More

Troubleshooting eBooks Accessed Through VitalSource Bookshelf

Many of National Geographic Learning’s ELT ebooks are accessed through a platform called VitalSource Bookshelf. Bookshelf is available online, on Mac and Windows computers, and on Apple and Android mobile devices. If you are having trouble with... Read More

Optimizing CPT Performance on Windows 10

National Geographic Learning CPTs are designed with optimal operating system conditions in mind. For System Requirements, please see this article. For best performance and optimal visual display of content, we recommend utilizing 1920 x 1080 screen r... Read More

Why Do I Receive an Error when trying to Install the CPT CD-ROM?

When attempting to install the Classroom Presentation Tool on a CD-ROM you can receive an error message: Sorry, an error has occurred.  The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file ... Read More

Troubleshooting Video Playback in Learn English With TED Talks

If you play the video and don’t see anything, it may mean that your internet speed is too slow and affecting video performance. For the best video experience, download the lesson so you can watch the video offline. Make sure the volume on your devi... Read More

I can't remember my password for the Learn English with TED Talks app. How do I reset it?

If you cannot remember your password, try the Forgot Password? steps on the app or on the NGL Digital Access sign-in page. Make sure to enter the valid email address you used for your account. You will receive an email that walks you through th... Read More

Why can't I sign in to the Learn English with TED Talks app?

If you are having trouble signing in to the app, please make sure you are using the same email and password used to sign in to NGL Digital Access. If you do not have an account, please go here. Read More

I live in China. How do I access Learn English with TED Talks?

iOS users can download the app on the Apple app store. For Android users, the app is available on the following stores: Google Play Xiaomi Huawei Vivo Read More

I got an alert saying my access code for Learn English with TED Talks is about to expire. What does this mean?

Your access code has an expiry date – if it has expired you will not be able to sign in to the app. You can check the status of your access code on your My Resources dashboard on NGL Digital Access. If you’d like to extend your access, you mus... Read More

Updating My Account Information In NGL Digital Access

You can update your name and email by following these steps: Go to and sign in with your user credentials. Select MY ACCOUNT from the top navigation bar. Click Edit to update your name and email address. Click Up... Read More

What if I don't receive an email when I redeem a resource in NGL Digital Access?

First, check your junk mail folder in case it was sent there. If not, all the information you need to know about your digital resource is on your My Resources dashboard. You may already have created an account with Cengage Brain. Cengage Brain acco... Read More

I can't record or play back my voice

If you are unable to record or playback your voice, or if the application is having trouble recognizing your speech, there are several reasons why this may be. Recording your voice: To capture your voice, there are a few basic system requirements tha... Read More

Updating Your Account Information in MyELT

Please note that if you do not have a Manage Profile option, you should contact your instructor to assist with updating your information. You can also contact MyELT Support by clicking the link in the sidebar. You can update your account information,... Read More

Managing Students

As an instructor, you can create a student account in MyELT by doing the following: Log into MyELT. Select the Students tab. The Students tab will be associated with the last course you viewed. You will want to make sure you are adding the stud... Read More

Finding Additional Resources

To access the Teacher Companion site, you will need to contact your local sales representative, who can provide you with instructions on how to create an account. Read More

I receive an error when I try to play back a recorded answer

When you are attempting to listen to a student’s response, you may receive an error message: Error – File Not Found  This issue can occur if there is a communication error between the student’s system and MyELT. The recommended ... Read More

I can't see a student's score

There are two common reasons that a student’s score might not appear in the Gradebook, even if they completed it. Student did the assignment as a self-study activity: Ask the student to check the column to the far right of the Assignments page. ... Read More

My course is no longer visible

If your course is no longer visible, there are two possible scenarios for this: The course is past due. The instructor removed you from the course. In either scenario, you would want to contact your instructor directly to see if they would be willi... Read More

My course is missing assignments

If there are no assignments available in your course, there are a few possible scenarios for this: The assignments are past due or have not yet begun. The instructor removed the assignments from the course. You have reached the maximum number of tak... Read More

My grades are not updating

You may find that your status does not appear to be accurate after completing an assignment or set of assignments. This is a known issue. You can try to resolve this issue by doing the following: Log out of MyELT. Clear your browser cache. Here are ... Read More